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Welder by EGOTech - Modular Ship Framework for Starbase

This site houses the blueprints and manual for Welder Modular Ship Framework for the game Starbase by Frozenbyte. Designed by EGOTech.


The goal of the Welder ship framework is to have a base ship which has connection points to snap additional modules and welded together with minimal additional changes to make a working ship, all in the Starbase Ship Designer. The framework has a restricted shape so the modules are easy to use and include to make the final ship.

The provided modules are meant to be a guide and provide basic examples of how modules work. It is the hope that the community will build more modules to share.


The blueprints for the ship and its modules are provided for free. Download the modules here or take a look at some prebuilt ships here.


The base ship has the following features:

  • Standard Cruise function
  • Turtle and Sloth functions with adjustable rates
  • Transponder system with ping function
  • Two external and two internal resource bridges
  • Auto generator rate script with adjustable minimum rate
  • 30 T3 generators with 30 T2 enhancers from 10 T3 fuel chambers and 20 spare rods on racks
  • Radiators and heat sinks that provide more than adequate cooling
  • 12 large propellant tanks with 144,000,000 units of propellant
  • Propellant time and fuel time panels
  • 140 batteries
  • Two plasma thrusters with five rings each, 32 T3 box and 32 T3 triangle thrusters providing forward thrust
  • 32 T3 triangle thrusters providing braking thrust
  • 48 T3 triangle thrusters for maneuvers
  • NavGrid by StandPeter
  • NavCas by fixerid, using custom avoidance system and ISAN 3 in 1 from Compass by Firestar99, with ability to load target from NavGrid
  • Warning lights and alarm for obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Speedometer
  • Timer panel
  • Odometer panel

Designed by EGOTech


Providing Feedback

EGOTech Discord

I can be found in-game as Egomaniac and on discord as @vinteo81 (vinteo#4211).

Feel free to contact me and provide feedback or if you need help, use the GitHub issues. Pull requests are also welcomed for scripts changes/fixes.

I would also love for the communiity to create modules so if you do please share them!

Of course in-game tips are greatly appreciated.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.